Cascabeles Bosquimanos

Cascabeles bosquimanos



Shaking vessel rattles (112.13). Instrument used by the Bushmen made up of two strings formed by forty five or fifty vessels. Such receptacles are cocoons of the mophani cacoons butterflies which have been scraped with grass in order to remove the hair containing urticant substances. These cocoons are opened and, once the larvae have been taken out, they are filled with pieces of ostrich eggs and buried in wet sand so as to stick them together again. Then, they are strung by the ends to a vegetal fibre cord.The rattle set are sounded during ritual or curative ceremonies or parties where both men and women take part. However, the use of this instrument is limited to men; they put it round their calves and ankles and shake it during dancing. First string L. 117 cm. Second string L. 123 cm. Cocoons L. 4 x w. 2 cm. Purchase, Johannesburg (South Africa), 1982. IM 651/652

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