Dung-chen(s) Tibetanas

End-blown natural trumpets (423.121.12). Both trumpets are made of a conical tube of red copper divided into three sections which assemble like a telescope. Such sections are concealed by wide silver rings, material also used in the mouthpiece, the leadpipe and the bell. The surface is entirely covered by abstract reliefs with phytozoomorphic motifs. Dung chen (s) are always played by two lamaist monks during different kinds of ceremonies and processions. Owing to its extreme length (it can reach 4,50 m.) during the ceremonies the bell is placed on the floor or on a wooden stand, while during processions the monk's shoulder supports it. The musical parts of both instruments are identical. They can be played either alternatively or simultaneously. In the former case, such calls are coordinated in a such way as to create a continuous sound. L. 157 x 0 mouthpiece throat 0.5 x 0 bell 24 cm. Gift, Dr. Emilio Azzarini's Collection, 1964. IM ½.

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