Department of International University Relations

Being the University one of the most prestigious national research and teaching centers it is a place of reference of the cultural university heritage in our country.
Our University, with its wide scope of knowledge, has contributed to the democratization and spreading of knowledge of many generations from Argentine and Latino American citizens. Government representatives of many countries have passed through its classrooms converting the acquired knowledge into a tool for unity and construction of shared destinies.
To work on strengthening of strategies for integration and on the articulation of institutions and resources implies to guarantee an international shared and permanent cooperation.
This Department has a challenge of being the articulator of the international university relations by implementing projects and agreements among universities and also supporting in many instances logistic and operational relations of the different academic units.
It also manifests the commitment of the National University of La Plata for the formation of human resources in a more democratic society to achieve higher life standards.

Department of International University Relations (PRIU)
PRIU is an open space where students, teachers and researchers and people in general interested in the international area may consult national and international relevant cultural, administrative, academic and general information. In order to access easily to this information the Department has    resources such as documents and bulletins and a web space on the University site that provides, personally,  academic and administrative advise to undergraduate and graduate students.
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