Graduate: Foreign Student Enrollment

A.    Foreign students not enrolled for any Program, but willing to take Graduate and Updating Courses.

To apply in Prosecretaria de Posgrado

    * Foreign students shall have the same status as Argentine students.
    * They can obtain a certification from the Graduate Studies Office of the School indicating “Attendance” or “Approval” of each course.
    * Fees shall be the current fees stipulated for each course.

B.    Foreign students enrolled for a Graduate Program in the School (Specialty, Master or PhD)

Here, there are requirements established by the School and others established by the UNLP.
B.1- Pre-enrollment in the School

The student should submit a letter requesting enrolment, following the requirements established by the Graduate Studies Rules of the School of his interest and of the UNLP including their personal details and:

    * A photocopy of the I.D. and Passport.
    * A photocopy of the Undergraduate University Degree certified in the country of origin.
    * An Academic Record Transcript including the grades obtained.
    * The Program Curriculum certified by the corresponding University, including the minimal contents of the courses

With this data, the School will follow the regular steps, pursuant to the Graduate Studies Rules in order to evaluate the student request for and his/her admittance or denial will be communicated within 20 days.

If admitted, the student can start his/her Graduate Studies following the requirements of the UNLP to be awarded the corresponding degree in due time.
B.2- University requirements to be awarded the degree in due time.

    * The student should go to the Argentine Consulate closest to his place of residence to be informed about the requisites to be fulfilled regarding a Temporary Residence Visa in Argentina. The University shall not issue any diplomas to students with a tourist visa.
    * Foreign students should also have a Health Care and Life Insurance.

C.    Fees

Information about fees is available at the corresponding School.