Undergraduate: Foreign students enrollment

The UNLP currently has three kinds of enrollment for foreign students coming from abroad, and  willing to take undergraduate programs:

 1. Enrollment at the Argentine Consulates pursuant to Executive Order 1523. On arrival in Argentina, students should ask for a temporary residence (depending on the country they come from: Mercosur or extramercosur affiliate countries with or without a visa) at the  DNM (National Migration Department) –

2. Enrollment at the different Schools for those already enrolled before April 17, 2006 who should presenting any documentation – even if precarious (a passport, a temporary certificate, ID from the country of origin, etc). These students should ask for their documentation at the “Programa de Regularización Patria Grande” at the Town Hall Office of La Plata at 21 street. and 49 street.

3. Enrollment at the Academic Secretary Office of the UNLP, those students who enrolled after  April 17,  2006.

In all cases, the documentation to be submitted is the following:

 1. Three ID photographs
 2. A passport/any other valid ID/a pending certificate, etc. and a photocopy of said documents.
 3. A High School Certificate certified by the Ministry of Education and the Argentine Consulate or bearing the Apostille of the corresponding country. Then, this certificate should be validated at the  Ministry of  Science and Technology (Montevideo 950, BuenosAires)