Filippo Barbera

Filippo Barbera is Professor of economic sociology at the CPS Department of the University of Turin and fellow at the Collegio Carlo Alberto (Torino). He is member of the Foundational Economy Collective and of the Forum Inequalities and Diversities. His research interests are social innovation, foundational economy and development of marginal areas. His recent publications include Alternative Food Networks: An Interdisciplinary Assessment, 2018, Palgrave Macmillan (eds. with A. Corsi, E. Dansero, C. Peano), and The Foundational Economy and Citizenship, Bristol, Policy Press 2021 (eds. With I.R. Jones). He has been Honorary Visiting Professor at the University of Cardiff and he is currently serving as Director of the ILO Master Management of Development. Currents research projects include: the role of democratic populism in marginal areas, the regeneration of the publish sphere and the analysis of foundational economy experiments in the provision of citizenship goods and services.