Marco Piccolo

    Marco Piccolo is one of the leading experts and militants of ethical finance today in the world. From the experience of the civil service (January 1980 – March 1981) he embarked on a path of continuous search for coherence in choices beteween  the economic field (work, consumption, savings, etc.) and those relating to the values, social and environmental dimensions. This has made it possible to live the experience of ethical finance, fair trade and more generally of social enterprise from the beginning, as a volunteer/customer/saver and then as a professional operator in many of these areas.

    He was also trained in the associations world, Agesci, and trade unions, of which he later became trainer in both.

    In 1989 it cooperated for the establishment of CTM MAG (ethical finance institution for the development of fair trade) which then, in 1994, launched the Ethical Bank project, first with the association with the Ethical Bank, then in 1995 with the cooperative towards Banca Etica and finally in 1999 with the opening of Banca Popolare Etica, as we know it today.

    He has been Vice Director of Banca Etica for many years and is currently President of the Ethical Finance Foundation based in Florence.

    He has collaborated with Universities and various institutions, publishing various contributions on ethical finance and fair trade.