Massimo Franchi

    Massimo Franchi is strategic consultant for multinational organisations. At the University of Parma he is a member of the Laboratory of Market Law and New Technologies (DiMeTech) and was a junior and senior research fellow, witness and adjunct professor in the supplementary course of Political Risk in the FRIM master’s degree.
    At the University of Calabria, he is an adjunct professor at the II level Master in Intelligence and a member of the Intelligence Lab.
    At the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, he is a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Law.
    He is an adjunct professor at the ITS Tech & Food Foundation.
    Lecturer for international military and economic police organisations, he is enrolled in the SNA didactic register at the PCM for public management and digital innovation.
    Director of the Winter School of Geopolitics broadcast on “Stroncature”.
    He is the author of the book “Reflections on responsible management” and co-author of the books “Economic warfare” and “Foreign direct investment and economic intelligence”.